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Manage HR Magazine´s article on Performance Talent Consulting International

Date Posted : May 14, 2024
Performance Talent Consulting International is honored to be ranked among the top ten executive search firms in Latin America in 2024 by Manage HR Magazine. Thank you!

You may have an extraordinary 90 day window of opportunity to prepare your organization to thrive in the world after qii/20

Date Posted : March 31, 2020
Allow me to share a few “what if..” questions we have discussed with a number of Board and C-Level leaders in the last 60 days: 1. What if amidst the current hiring freeze you lost two or three of your key executives today? (competitive offers, sickness, etc. Life continues to happen) 2. What if the […]

A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

Date Posted : December 13, 2019
“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” ― Paul Romer It seems that time has gone by faster than normal in 2019. Suddenly, volatility uncertainty, contradiction and ambiguity are here to stay. Political, economic and social conditions, both domestically and internationally,  have imposed a psychological state of permanent anxiety in many individuals, including executives, […]

A possible answer to the uncertainty in 2019.

Date Posted : July 4, 2019
“We are in difficult times, as everyone has been before. We can only claim different difficulties.” J.L. Borges It seems that time has gone by faster than normal in 2019. It is already July. Suddenly, the third quarter has begun and the mindset of a large number of people in Mexico is of uncertainty and […]

Most Companies Still Use Pre-Industrial Revolution Hiring Processes ( By Lou Adler)

Date Posted : July 5, 2018
I make the contention that if you can’t measure quality of hire, you can’t improve it. As far as I’m concerned that’s the reason quality of hire hasn’t improved in the past 100 years. In fact, I contend that hiring processes at most companies are based on pre-industrial revolution processes. That’s about 175 years ago. […]

Developing Organizations – Nurturing Young Leaders

Date Posted : August 24, 2017
By Qaisar Shareef ( Guest Author) I was twice charged with leading early-stage or startup subsidiaries for P&G in emerging markets. In the case of Pakistan, I started setting up the business from a small room in a hotel in 1991. In Ukraine, I was the general manager assigned to lead and grow what had […]

Open Letter to C-Level, Board, Directors and Managers

Date Posted : July 14, 2017
It takes courage to objectively see oneself in the mirror, particularly if you are a successful high level executive.

Transition Support: Beware of Celebrating Victory Before Really Winning or , Why Making It Personal, Being Empathetic and Providing Careful Assistance Is Vital

Date Posted : March 16, 2017
TRANSITION SUPPORT: Beware of celebrating victory before really winning  or , why making it personal, being empathetic and providing careful assistance is vital . By Jens Hagedorn You have invested a considerable amount of personal and organizational intellectual and emotional energy, time, attention and financial resources in finding, interviewing ,vetting,  evaluating and negotiating – internally […]

Why Being a Farmer (and Not a Hunter) Will Make You a More Successful Recruiter

Date Posted : March 15, 2017
Why Being a Farmer (  and Not a Hunter) Will Make You a More successful Recruiter by Lou Adler I recently spoke with a VP of talent at one of the world’s largest firms. She told me that on a recent evaluation of more than 200 recruiters, those with domain expertise made more placements per […]

The 10 Secrets to Being a Great General Manager

Date Posted : March 10, 2017
THE 10 SECRETS TO BEING A GREAT GENERAL MANAGER by Leon Kraig I reached the General Manager position at a young age. Although I held an MBA, I unfortunately never took the “How to be a Great General Manager” course. However, I had the fortune of being the General Manager and then President of Latin […]