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Strategic Partners


Empowering organizations to hire great people by delivering the only end-to-end performance-based approach to hiring.

Through our strategic partnership with The Adler Group, we help companies around the world make hiring top talent a systematic business process. As the originators of performance-based hiring, The Adler Group is able to offer a full range of training and consulting services for recruiters and hiring managers.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, mid-size companies and organizations, and entrepreneurial organizations.

We now offer a range of training services in Spanish and English with certified trainers that will profoundly transform the way you and your organization find, attract, onboard, and develop top-performing individuals and teams.

Limited to 30 students per group.

On-site or online training modes are available.

Customizable for specific company needs, with actual searches that we will solve together with your team.

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Through our partnership with HR Diagnostics AG (, we assist companies of all sizes in assessing a variety of traits, behaviors, and competencies with leading-edge psychometric testing services.

By using highly flexible, scalable systems and tools, we contribute to the sustainable development of your business success, regardless of whether you have five or many thousands of candidates and employees.

We feature pre-defined, test batteries for varied industries and position levels, from operational to top executives, with a very high degree of reliability, validity, standardization, and freedom from bias.