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Executive Search

 Mid- and top-level permanent placement of superior-performing talent for organizations.

Our core business!


Effective executive search is a delicate, organic process. It is a comprehensive, lean, and well-timed series of precise events. It usually involves a small team consisting of a couple of hiring executives, human resources, compensation, a professional recruiting consultant, and a great candidate. Search performance is directly proportional to how well this team collaborates, the quality of data and information flow, the timing of events, and the skillfulness of this team members’ judgments.

Every organization is unique, every context is distinctive, and every executive search project requires an in-depth understanding of the specific company or business unit, including its background, culture, stakeholder priorities and dynamics, expectations for performance, challenges and problems that need to be solved and available resources.  Consequently, each executive search process must be tailored to the specific demands.  Off-the-shelf, inflexible solutions developed without a comprehensive and sensitive evaluation are rarely effective.

Our consultants thoroughly analyze each project and build an executive search case with the depth that a consultative approach provides, and we collaborate with our customers to build search solutions that preserve these key points of reference in mind.


Retained searches are used for top-level positions or when the project is complex in nature. A specialized team is dedicated to completing this critical search assignment.


Is best utilized for mid- and top positions, which must be filled in a timely manner and require thorough, professional representation in the marketplace. A project coordinator is fully assigned to the client until the position is filled.


This search option is used to fulfill many similar search assignments. It may also be used for ongoing openings that are not urgent in nature.