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Privacy Notice

In compliance with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals (the “Law”), Performance Talent Consulting, S.C. Is responsible for collecting, protecting and safeguarding your personal data to avoid damage, loss, destruction, theft, loss, alteration, as well as unauthorized processing of your personal data. We inform you, the terms and conditions of the Personal Information Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) of Performance Talent Consulting, SC, domiciled at Chimalacatlan # 304, Col. Reforma, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, CP 62260 Hereinafter referred to as “PTALENT”).
You expressly consent to your personal data being treated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice.


For purposes of this Notice of Privacy, the area responsible for the management and administration of personal data of PTALENT is: “Attention to Personal Data”, an area that can be contacted by email mailto:


We inform you that PTALENT may collect information through different sources, including:

  • Personally: When you are a candidate or participant in any of the search or consultancy processes that PTALENT has with your clients or for yourself, or when you are a participant in the different consulting or training programs offered by PTALENT.
  • Direct: When you provide us with your data to participate in any of the search processes that PTALENT has with its Clients or when it is a participant in the different consulting or training programs that PTALENT imparts or to promote its data in the different Exchange groups in which PTALENT participates, either through our website, videoconference, Intranet, Internet, email or telephone.
  • Hint: From any other sources of information available or permitted by law.

The personal data that PTALENT will collect are:

Curriculum vitae, name, address, telephone numbers, videoconference keys, cell phone numbers, sex, email address, and any other contact information, age, date of birth, nationality, citizenship, country and place of residence, status Immigration, federal taxpayer registration, social security number, passport, passport, professional title, professional and / or professional registration, proof of address, education and income, and marital status; Information regarding your current employment and previous jobs, since you currently occupy and the positions you occupied previously, information on performance in your work and reasons for change thereof, work permit, your work experience and salary, results obtained; Skills and abilities, including language proficiency, management of different methodologies, programs, spouse data, type of contract, activity / turn, position / occupation, domicile in Mexico, certifications, education, including degrees obtained and institutions at Who attended, and; Family, spouse and child data, as the case may be, names and contact details of personal and professional references.

In order to ensure that the personal data that you freely provide are correct and current, PTALENT, directly or through a third party, may verify and / or collect information from other sources, such as educational institutions and professional references, Commercial, legal and personal, sources of public access, as well as various psychometric tests.

PTALENT does not request sensitive personal data, in the terms described by the Law.


The personal data that we collect are used solely for the provision of the services that PTALENT sells, mainly executive talent search services and consulting services. In the collection and processing of personal data that you provide to us, we comply with all the principles set forth in the Law (Article 6): legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility. The treatment of personal data of the holder has the purpose, (i) to promote its data in the different exchange groups in which PTALENT participates; And (ii) participate in job search processes that PTALENT has with its respective Customer, for itself, or when it is a participant in the different consulting or training programs provided by PTALENT.

Your personal data may also have the following purposes:

  • Make you aware of the range of new products and services we offer both candidates and participants and customers, as well as market research, and in general all advertising derived from the services offered by PTALENT.
  • Analysis of candidates for positions requested by PTALENT Customers or PTALENT positions or their business partners
  • Request and provide work references from third parties, candidates, clients and / or participants of PTALENT.
  • The information we collect from you may be combined to help us analyze PTALENT’s search recruitment with your customers or to promote your data in the different exchange groups in which PTALENT participates. Exchange Group: defined as those groups of companies interested in obtaining potential candidates to make offers of employment.
  • The data may be used for promotions, products and services published by PTALENT in Mexico or abroad


The personal data of the owner will be kept in strict confidentiality, in accordance with the security, administrative, technical and physical measures that the PTALENT effect implements in its security policies and procedures, being prohibited its illegal disclosure and limiting its use to third parties, As provided in this Privacy Notice.

All aggregated information and personal data obtained from you will constitute a database owned by PTALENT, information that is stored to protect it and prevent its loss, misuse, or alteration.

At any time, you may limit the use or disclosure of your personal data and / or revoke the consent you have given to PTALENT for the processing of your personal data, so that we no longer use them or leave To receive promotional or advertising information, through the same means and procedure provided for the exercise of ARCO rights.


PTALENT may not, for commercial purposes, share, transmit or transfer within and outside the country, your personal data to third parties. In no case will we market, sell or rent personal information about you to a third party without your prior consent. Any transfer of personal data that PTALENT performs, will be only for the purposes allowed by the laws. The personal data that you provide to PTALENT may be compiled and set in a database owned exclusively by PTALENT. The links to external sites of this portal are not the responsibility of PTALENT, so we do not assume any responsibility regarding the content and privacy policies on such sites.

PTALENT can transfer the data to:

  • Your customers, as well as your affiliated companies and / or subsidiaries.
  • Third party service providers to fulfill the legal obligations acquired by PTALENT.
  • Business partners with whom PTALENT carries out agreements or contracts focused on the development of new products and / or services.
  • Third parties requesting employment references from former PTALENT employees.
  • Third parties arising from a corporate restructuring, including merger, consolidation, sale, liquidation or transfer of assets.
  • Third party search service providers or PTALENT exchange groups.
  • Other transmissions provided for in the aforementioned Law and its Regulations.

The holder of personal data, accepts the transfer of his personal data, in the terms described in this Privacy Notice. It is understood that he has given his consent to the transfer of his personal data, if he does not express opposition to them being transferred.


As holder of personal data, you may exercise the ARCO rights (access, rectification cancellation, and opposition to the processing of your personal data), or revoke the consent you have given to PTALENT, for the processing of your personal data, sending Directly your request to the area of ​​”Attention to Personal Data” through the email account: mailto: or by contacting our “Personal Data Attention” area located at Chimalacatlan # 304, Col. Reform, CP 62260, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico at (777) 3115353, Monday through Friday from 08:30 AM to 01:30 PM and from 04:00 PM to 7:00 PM This application must contain at least: (a) name And address or other means to communicate the response to your request; (B) documents proving their identity or, where appropriate, legal representation; (C) a clear and precise description of the personal data in respect of which ARCO rights are requested to be exercised, (d) expressly expressing their intention to revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data and, therefore, not to use ; (E) any other element that facilitates the location of personal data.

In case the information provided in your request is incorrect or insufficient, or the identity or representation documents are not accompanied, the area of ​​”Attention to Personal Data” may request you within five business days following the Receipt of the request, which provides the elements or documents necessary to process the same. You will have ten working days to attend the request, counting from the day after you received it. Failure to respond within this time limit shall be deemed not to have been submitted.

If the request complies with all requirements, the area of ​​”Attention to Personal Data” will respond to the client within a maximum period of twenty working days, counted from the date the request was received, in order that, if appropriate, Effective the same within the fifteen working days following the communication of the response. In all cases, the answer will be communicated by the same route by which you have submitted your request, or by any other means agreed by you.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Notice at any time. Any changes to this privacy notice, will be informed through any of the following means:

  • Notices at PTALENT offices.
  • Email provided by the owner of personal data.
  • Notices on the PTALENT website (
  • Any other means of public or private communication provided for in the contracts that cover the operations carried out by PTALENT.

Last updated: February 10th , 2022