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Our Story


We have undergone many changes since our opening in 1993. We have many fond memories from our pre-internet, pre-email, pre-smartphone, and pre-laptop/tablet days. We learned the fundamentals of the recruiting business the right way and have committed to continuously training and selectively incorporating new technology and methodologies into that concrete base, a strategic commitment to avoid obsolescence, ensure adaptation to the unique cultures in each country, city, or company, and also maintain the delicate balance of solid bricks and intelligent clicks necessary in our business.

We steadily grew in revenue, services, headcount, and client base throughout the last 30+ years!


We closely listened to our stakeholders and re-invented or adapted our value proposition and processes again in 1997, 2002, 2009, 2020, and 2023 to better satisfy the sophisticated and constantly evolving and dynamic market of companies and top professionals around the world and to stay prepared to help our clients solve complex challenges.

Our team has navigated, learned, and thrived through all these changes over the last 30+ years, let alone hard times, recessions, and economic cycles. Our average tenure is over 15 years, which ensures relevant experience and related performance, and our constant training and learning processes directly point to our objective of changing and adapting whatever is needed to better service our clients and candidates.