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Open Letter to C-Level, Board, Directors and Managers

Date Posted: July 14, 2017

Please allow me to be straightforward for a minute.

As a member of the senior management team of your organization , you are responsible for hiring top talent and accountable for its performance , period.

To a large extent , this is what defines your personal performance, success and reputation.

The quality of your hires , measured by their individual and team results over time , their impact , their motivation , work ethic and their cultural fit and ability to transform it, among other important factors, should be a big portion of your own KPIs .

You likely think that since you have hired plenty of good players in your career, you polished your interviewing and hiring skills  along the way . This is only partially true, at best.

I can assure you that  you completely ignore how some aspects of your behavior and more than a few of your interviewing and decision making habits have systematically rejected some key players you should have hired , and have  caused you to hire some individuals you should have rejected. You probably also have no idea about a few of your own gaps , shortcomings and opportunities to improve and the consequences of not having done it sooner.

You possibly have unintentionally , yet methodically alienated your own internal and external recruiting partners ,  and to a large degree have caused theirs and your own  frustrations over not finding , attracting or keeping the professionals you need,  thus generating severe disruptions in the effectiveness of your talent supply chain.

In today’s business world ,  no one in the strategic level of any organization can afford to ignore this risk. You intuitively know that!

Hiring top talent is just too important to consider as a fortuitous process !  It is indeed, a mission critical issue!

It takes courage to objectively see oneself in the mirror, particularly if you are a successful high level executive.

Join me and a group of key decision makers next  intensive Performance Based Hiring for Managers Seminar in Santa Fe , Mexico City .

I guarantee, you will leave with  a clear and strategic understanding of where your talent attraction , development and retention program should head , and with tactical tools that you will immediately implement to instantly increase your personal and your teams hiring accuracy , process speed and quality of new employees , while increasing your effectiveness as a manager and protecting your company’s employment brand .

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