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Senior Consultant

Marisa Mercado holds the position of Senior Consultant at Performance Talent Consulting International, and focuses on mid to top positions within a variety of industries.

As a top performing Executive Recruiter with 20 years of experience in Mexico, Latin America and other countries, she is passionate about surfacing and understanding key executive players in the marketplace and co creating the perfect match between companies and candidates to ensure a long term, successful relationship between them. Marisa has been recognized as one of those rare recruiters that knows how to work networks and it’s nodes to get to the hidden candidate market of those passive top performing individuals that cannot be found with common sourcing techniques. In addition to this, her empathy and ability to deeply understand each candidates´ needs at a personal and professional level and work with the client to ensure true career value and personal development are generated by accepting an offer makes her an unusual type of recruiter.

Marisa has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and a Marketing Diploma both from the Tecnológico de Monterrey.