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Executive Transition Program

Whether you are between jobs or contemplating a career change, we understand that searching for a new opportunity can prove difficult, complex, and stressful.

At a moment when you have to be at your best, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, negative thoughts, self-doubt and frustration can take a toll on your ability to correctly search an opportunity and seriously diminish your professional and personal presentation skills.

Our Executives in Transition Program offers an agile and effective alternative that differs from standard outplacement services in the following simple ways:

Session 1: (one-hour, general)

You will participate in a general virtual session with our facilitators and other professionals going through a similar career shift.

We will provide you with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the typical hiring process from beginning to end, based on empirical knowledge gained over decades of assisting companies of all sizes, industries, and cultures in hiring top performers, as well as observations from the perspective of a recruiting consultant regarding how these companies manage their talent supply chains and having assisted thousands of candidates in securing great new jobs.

You will learn about every stage of the process in detail, from understanding your present situation  to proactively searching for a new opportunity, discovering the hidden job market, interviewing effectively, negotiating without losing the deal,  closing for the right reasons, and great onboarding.

We shall discuss our observations regarding what has proven to be effective and what has not, along with the underlying reasons for each. In this analysis, we will look at the interaction among candidates, human resources, hiring managers, talent attraction, compensation, candidate monitoring systems, internal and external recruiters, in addition to the ways in which the interests of each stakeholder impact the overall hiring process.

Session 2 (one-hour, general):

Work on your professional presentation abilities with an experienced recruiter. Learn to restructure your resume and your interviewing skills to better showcase your performance, experience, and competencies, increasing your chances of being noticed.

Session 3 (one-hour, general):

Live role-playing with an actual recruiter with a few participants. Watch and learn what works and what doesn’t in your particular circumstance. Discover how to appropriately interact with recruiters, human resources, and hiring managers. Find out how to get important information about the job, the company, the team, and the organizational culture from interviewers. Improve your odds by asking strategic performance-based questions. Understand how to handle compensation and benefits.Proactively prepare for a win-win close.

Session 4 (one-hour, general):

Work with one of our partners to develop an effectively customize job search plan of action, and ensure you are in the best possible shape to face this critical transition period.

Additional sessions:

If you decide to continue with the program, we will work with you on additional sessions as needed to keep track of your progress, assist you in analyzing available options, and provide you with our opinion at every phase.

Our goal with the Executives In Transition Program is to assist you in navigating this process with an appropriate mindset, confidence, and significantly increase the  probability of closing a great opportunity in the next 90 days.

At Performance Talent Consulting International, we know that change always brings exceptional opportunities.

Our next general sessions:


Wednesday  May 16th, 2024 08:00 AM

Wednesday May 30th, 2024 08:00 AM

Friday June 28th, 2024 08:00 AM

Information and reservations:

Maximum of 20 participants per general session.