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Luz  is an accomplished executive search consultant with more than six years of expertise in talent acquisition and executive recruiting. Throughout her career, she has developed a thorough awareness of the complexities of the staffing market, focusing on selecting top-tier individuals to fill crucial jobs for firms.

Her career in talent acquisition began in marketing, where she learned the value of networking and developing relationships. She has since held a variety of effective jobs, honing her communication and client relationship management talents.

Luz has spent the last few years working as a senior executive search consultant at Performance Talent Consulting International, where she has led numerous successful recruitment projects, leveraging her extensive network and market knowledge to connect exceptional talent with leading organizations. Her early years in this industry solidified her ability to effectively assess individuals and link them with matching opportunities.

As a headhunter, she embodies important characteristics required for success in this dynamic industry. She seeks to exceed client expectations and offer unique solutions to their talent requirements by using her excellent communication skills, extensive professional network, and dedication to ethical practices. Her determination and perseverance allow her to handle challenges with resilience, constantly focused on the best outcomes for both clients and candidates.

Luz is passionate about using her experience to enhance business growth and individual career advancement.

Connect with her to learn how she can help you achieve your talent acquisition objectives or to discuss potential partnership opportunities.