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Transition Support: Beware of Celebrating Victory Before Really Winning or , Why Making It Personal, Being Empathetic and Providing Careful Assistance Is Vital

Date Posted : March 16, 2017
TRANSITION SUPPORT: Beware of celebrating victory before really winning  or , why making it personal, being empathetic and providing careful assistance is vital . By Jens Hagedorn You have invested a considerable amount of personal and organizational intellectual and emotional energy, time, attention and financial resources in finding, interviewing ,vetting,  evaluating and negotiating – internally […]

Why Being a Farmer (and Not a Hunter) Will Make You a More Successful Recruiter

Date Posted : March 15, 2017
Why Being a Farmer (  and Not a Hunter) Will Make You a More successful Recruiter by Lou Adler I recently spoke with a VP of talent at one of the world’s largest firms. She told me that on a recent evaluation of more than 200 recruiters, those with domain expertise made more placements per […]

The 10 Secrets to Being a Great General Manager

Date Posted : March 10, 2017
THE 10 SECRETS TO BEING A GREAT GENERAL MANAGER by Leon Kraig I reached the General Manager position at a young age. Although I held an MBA, I unfortunately never took the “How to be a Great General Manager” course. However, I had the fortune of being the General Manager and then President of Latin […]